"Learn how to CASH IN on Short Sales with my proven step by step Home Study System."

"Let Me Take You By The Hand, And Walk You Every Step Of The Way To Your Financial Success In Real Estate.”

Dear Friend,

I have made millions in real estate. Over the years, I learned that the easiest way to make money is flipping foreclosure short sales working with a Team. Being a member of a team is like having an army of Minnie Me’s running around closing on deals.

I have spoken at a lot of groups where investors have come up to me and said they were in foreclosure themselves. I have helped a lot of Sellers short sale their homes including Ron LeGrand’s Masters students. They were smart because they didn’t take it personal they knew it was a business decisions to short sale their personal and/or rental properties.

Did you hear Donald Trump filed bankruptcy again. I’ve always heard the success stories of millionaires and billionaires and they had one thing in common and that is they filed bankruptcy. Most of the time it doesn’t mean that they were broke just that the business didn’t work. They never gave up and continued to work the real estate market making their millions back.

Now I don’t want to scare the rest of you. I teach you how to flip foreclosure short sales houses with NO MONEY. I am not teaching you to HOLD PROPERTY. So…What is the RISK? There is none. Except it is a long hard road to travel ALONE unless you are part of a TEAM!!

I’ve sacrificed time that could have been spent with family and friends. I’ve invested close to $200,000 over the past years on seminars and courses, not including the cost of airfare, hotels and baby-sitters. I can remember worrying whether or not the Seller would call me back, I would get the deal or if a deal was going to close. I was so good at putting the deals back together when they would blow up at closing that I earned a nick name “The Closer.” I would never give up on deal, all you have to do is ask a Student of mine.

I fought tooth and nail to get where I am today and the reason is because I wanted a change in my life and the lives of my family.

In fact, I am jealous of you. I wish I was given an opportunity to partner with an experienced Teacher, Speaker, Investor and Real Estate Broker when I started.

Yes, you now have the opportunity to attend my trainings learning my step by step proven system and allowing you a chance to be one of the lucky 30 people I will be accepting into the Power Push Program, saving you hundreds of dollars and bypassing years of trial and error in the real estate investing game. I will definitely teach you the do’s and the don’ts in real estate so you don’t have anything to worry about.

I’ve cleared the path and now it’s your turn to profit BIG TIME, without the struggle and stress I endured to figure things out and make everything work on my own.

Here’s your chance to stand on my shoulders and leverage the POWER OF THE TEAM. You will benefit from my years of experience and working with a successful team.

Learn how to leverage the Power of the Team

Working and closing real estate deals comes second nature to me. I have been working with students closing deals for the past 16+ years and counting. At any given time my company is working on 50+ deals in the pipeline.

When it comes to the short sale, I’ve systemized, streamlined and optimized the process by using the Power of the Team.

I can go on vacation and not worry about my real estate business, it practically runs itself.

I work because I want too. I love what I do and I allow people to join my team, thereby leveraging the Power of the Team. I spend all the time I want with my family. I no longer work on the weekends. (Everyone knows that real estate is mostly bought and sold on the weekends)

My road to financial freedom and the life I’ve always dreamed was hard and I learned a lot along the way and I never gave up.

Through it all I’ve found what works, what needed to be fixed, made the right connections and now I’m…

Giving It All To You…

During my Live Training Events or Online Trainings, you will learn how to you use my a step by step proven program. I provide you with a plan and show you how you too can leverage the Power of the Team. I will help you make a boatload of cash quickly and easily on every deal, I will take you by the hand and practically do it for you.

With my proven system you have enough information to purchase and sell real estate alone. For a special lucky few individuals, if accepted, you can become part of My Team. We’ll work together to guide you through the entire short sale process to get you profiting quickly and easily without extra effort or stress. When you partner with me, I will hold your hand during the purchase, rehab and resell of the property. I will teach you how to run a rehab in addition to taking you shopping at Home Depot, where we pick out all the materials for the rehab, you save thousands on my established discounts that I have with all my contractors and stores. As one of my favorite student/partners would say “It’s like a water hose being poured down your throat”. I am looking for life time partners with real relationships to last a life time!

We’re all Working together as a Team!

When you purchase my Home Study Course, I’ll give you 90 days of personal mentorship at all times with unlimited email and fax support. You will also have unlimited telephone support for the first 30 days with a Personal Coach (one-on-one). Your coach will be standing by to help you with any questions or walk you through any issues you come across when doing a deal.


We are your highly experienced partner by your side on every short sale you do and you don’t have to share your profits with us unless you submit the deal to our office for mitigation.

Take a second and think about what I just said…

You can go it alone using my proven step by step Home Study or you have a chance to join my Team to create a life long relationship. If accepted into my Power Push Mentor Program, you will be able to bring all your deals into my office and allow my team to mitigate the deals. My Team and I are seasoned experienced negotiators. Would you like to have someone who knows the Bank’s secrets working on your deals? Partnering with my me, you will get deeper discounted short sales than working on your own.

This all sounds find and dandy, but the challenge is that you have tried doing deals on your own or even with a mentor before but you weren’t successful. You ask yourself why? Well I can give you some reasons:

  • The Mitigator that was on your team didn’t get the short sale short low enough.
  • You didn’t influence the BPO (Broker Price Opinion) low enough to get a good value.
  • High points and interest charged by your Lender for funding.
  • You couldn’t find a buyer.
  • Your closing blew up because you didn’t have someone on your side that knew how to put the deal back together and close.
  • You needed a partner to hold your hand all the way from the beginning of the deal to the end.

Well these are just a few reasons. I provide you with the Team that you need to become successful. Come join me at my 3 Day Live Training Event or Online Training. Now is the time to attend. Covid 19 has caused millions of Sellers to go into foreclosure allowing us to receive BIG PROFITS.

Many individuals have stated: “I’ve attended lots of seminars, what’s different about yours?”

I am still working the business, I use my proven system and I hold your hand from beginning to end!

Being able to join My Team allows you to buy more houses, make thousands of dollars faster and become a seasoned investor. I thought of everything you need that will help you automate your business and take you to the next level. I have created different programs for individuals who are at different levels to get the one on one personal coaching that they need at an investment they can afford.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance of changing their lives no matter what your credit score is or your educational background. Having the correct system allows you change your life. It’s up to you if you want to make an extra $20,000 dollars per month while still working a JOB.

It’s up to you to really make a change. I recommend that you need to Embrace Change. I had to move because of the change in the market. My Vision of working as a Team has never changed. I know your real estate business will be a heck of a lot easier with me by your side than if you try to do it alone.

I can guarantee you that this isn’t some Home Study Course that you’re left to figure things out on your own, it is detailed and it is a step by step proven system which I am using daily in my business along with my partners’ businesses. My team and I PERSONALLY guide you through the entire process allowing you to cash more deals.

KIMBERLEE, I’m Ready! I Want to Sign Up Now!

Here's Some info about my team...

Kimberlee Frank - I started in 1998 investing in real estate. I’m a full time real estate broker/investor/mentor and teacher originally from Pontiac, Michigan who’s been involved in hundreds of real estate deals from buying, fixing, holding, subject to, commercial to foreclosure, pre-foreclosure and short sale transactions over the past 16 + years.

In 2006, I relocated to the Orlando, Florida market because of Foreclosures Gone Wild. I have being training and teaching Apprentice partners since 2004. I created an Apprentice Program that allowed Students to work right in my office. I have worked for attorneys, a builder, and a real estate broker for 18 years prior to getting involved in real estate investing. I have been through many gurus programs changing it to make it work for the market place that I was in. 

Many people have seen me on Television as a guest on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. I have been featured in the Newspapers – USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. I have been a Guest speaker on the Radio Show “The Next Big Thing“. I am a Best Selling Co-Author of a Book – “Big Ideas for Your Business“. I am America’s Premier Expert #1 Short Sale Expert. I have 3 children, Jason, Hollee and Taylor. I truly love what I do. My Vision is to build my Team to dominate my local market while at the same time coach, mentor and teach apprentice partners across the US how to find, structure, negotiate and close short sale deals for a profit. I am truly committed to integrity, empowerment and togetherness in real estate investors!

Here's what you get ...

Home Study Course – Step by Step System from beginning to end on how to do short sales.

The Home Study Course comes with a Forms Disk with all the forms that you would ever need in addition to Audios to help you learn more about the short sale process. (Value of $997.00)

Quick Reference for Short Sale Documents for Student Only

– This form will explain every single Form you have on your forms disk instantly making you a Document Expert. In addition, we have a Quick Reference for Short Sale Documents for Seller so you can leave this Reference Guide with the Seller allowing them to understand all your forms. (Value of $49.00)

How to Bid at an Auction Booklet – This Booklet will teach you step by step how to hold a Live Auction. In addition, we have a Live Auction DVD which shows you everything you need to do to have a successful Auction by Owner. (Value of $197.00)

  • 3 Day Live Training Event or Online Training, for you and a partner. You receive a 3 Day Training Manual in addition to the Home Study Course (Value of $1,997.00)
  • 30 days of unlimited telephone coaching with Kimberlee Frank. (Value of $997.00)
  • 6 months of personal mentorship with Kimberlee Frank via unlimited email and fax support. (Value of $1,497.00)
  • Private money to fund short sale flips at significantly reduced rates. (Value = Priceless)

Yes, I want to change my life, so I too can cash BIG checks.

KIMBERLEE, I’m Ready! I Want to Sign Up Now!

Thank you for sharing your experience and priceless tools of knowledge in Foreclosures Gone Wild! You are truly dedicated to passionately helping others meet their goals in the real estate business. Your course offers the tools, education and forms which provides us with multiple short sale strategies and techniques to use in negotiating with banks. Today, we must discover and educate ourselves to new ways of making money that creates “financial freedom”…forever! It’s easy to do with your real estate Foreclosures Gone Wild system and we feel really great at this time that we can change the lives of others for the better in the present foreclosure market. Thanks for being the best we’ve seen with a true open heart and personal touch to educate others with step by step strategies in how to do short sales successfully. 

Signing up in your short sale system is probably one of the most rewarding moves we’ve made so far. You, and your staff are the gateway of connecting dots to a complete unlimited circle of wisdom and wealth for those who seek to work with a mentor that will “Fight to the Finish” with you in the short sale process, to achieve a “win-win-win” for everyone. Finally, we’re on the “Winning Team”. Oh Yes! “We’ll Be There”. See you at the top! Skipper and Bridget - Skipper and Bridget

Dearest Kimberlee,
For starters, I must say that this past weekend’s “Foreclosures Gone Wild” Real Estate boot camp you hosted and taught was absolutely phenomenal. Not only was the information you provided fully factual, it was also complete from start to finish with real deal examples you used included. That really set you apart from any other boot camps or mentors out there that I know of! You explained the process very thorough and made sure everyone’s questions were answered completely until everyone understood before moving on to the next matter. Your expertise, professionalism and patience towards both me as well as the entire class are all very encouraging to me for future success! The only thing that I regret is the fact that I did not get to take advantage of your teachings sooner! I’m sure that if I had taken advantage of your boot camp back when I first met you about a year ago then, I would have already made tons of money by now. That is a huge loss to me for not acting faster! Though finally, my search for a “mentor worth having” is over and I am so excited about working with you!

With that being said, I want to sincerely thank you Kimberlee for not only extensively furthering my education, inner drive and motivation but for all the things you do and most of all for being you.


Dear Kimberlee: We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the teaching you gave us in the pre-foreclosure business while attending your apprentice program. When we first met you both of us were fairly new real estate investors and felt we needed coaching in areas of marketing, speaking to buyers and sellers and short sale transactions from start to finish. Although a short sale in some cases may take more time than we anticipate, it is worth it in the end knowing that a homeowner will not have a foreclosure on their credit report and they can move forward. We appreciate the encouragement you gave us to keep going when we felt like giving up on a deal and the hard work it took on your end to help us push a deal through to completion. Sincerely, Dan & Becky R.

These are all students who took my training and are taking action to change their lives. 

They understand the Power of the Team. But I’ll tell you, in order to become successful we work hard, but we also play hard.

Take a look at a picture that was taken at our last training event in my office…
As you can see…we are having fun!!!

Who Do You Surround Yourself With…

The main reason that we get together is to learn the latest secrets of how to get short sales accepted and how to leverage the Power of the Team!!! Leveraging the Power of the Team will allowing you take your business to the next level.

Have you ever heard of the saying… “That you are five hand shakes away from knowing someone who knows the President”.

When you attend my 3 Day Live Training Event or Online Training you not only get to network and build long lasting relationships with your fellow successful students. We believe that our Team is a Family. My office is Home. It is warm, happy and supportive. We do not judge anyone, we just support you which helps you soar to success.

I believe that it is important that you surround yourself with supportive like-minded people with the same driven purpose and they are happy to see you succeed.

I have heard the statement if you take the income of the five people you spend the most time with and average it out, chances are it’s pretty close to what you bring home too. I believe this statement to be true because they don’t have a VISION or anyone to support them to become successful.

Change is scary for a lot of people. You have to change what you are doing daily to increase your income. My students are committed to change and with the support of My Team & I, they have changed their income.

You can change your income too, all you need to do is believe…

I Have the Support You Need…

KIMBERLEE, I’m Ready! I Want to Sign Up.

Who is this program for?
I have inexperienced real estate investors to experienced real estate investors. The experienced real estate investors are learning how to leverage the Power of the Team by using my step-by-step proven short sale system to increase their income. As for the inexperienced real estate investors this program will help them build a strong foundation and provide them with the Family Support they need to make money the fastest and easiest way possible…Thesystem that I provide enlightens the beginner to the seasoned investor. This program works for everyone no matter what level of investing you are at. In fact, the personal coach assigned to you is tailored to your experience. I know anyone can be successful in short sales business just by following my instructions.
I’ll teach you everything I know about the short sale business from A-Z especially with all the changes due to Covid 19. I will walk you through starting a company by yourself to having employees. It’s yours for the taking.

How much time do I need to invest in this program to be successful?
I always get this question. The answer really is, it’s up to you. When I started I wanted to make a change right away so I worked between 20 and 30 hours a week. My system will allow you to work as little as 5 hours a week to whatever amount you want to work. If you think about, what is 5 hours if it means an extra $20,000 a month in your pocket?
You will learn how to leverage the Power of the Team and our resources to fill in the gaps which will give you more time. I don’t recommend that you leave your job immediately. When you’re ready you can make the change to full-time investors. Some people really love their job and do this part time making a boatload of money!

How much access do I get to my coach?
My program is designed to help you become successful. You get UNLIMITED email and fax personal coaching directly to ME for 6 months. In addition, for 30 days you receive UNLIMITED telephone support from your personal coach. Your coaches are individuals who have been through the trenches and are investing in real estate themselves. They understand the short sale business.

My Team will provide you with whenever or whatever you need.

How will I get money to fund deals?
I teach you in my system to find abundance amount of private lenders to fund your deals. In addition, if you partner with my office, I’ve negotiated with private lenders the lowest rates imaginable (As low as 2 – 4 points) who exclusively fund my partners deals. That’s the Power of the Team. You’re leveraging my existing relationships to help you accelerate your success.

Who will negotiate the short sales?
My proven system will teach you how to negotiate yourself or using a third party to negotiate your short sales, you will be able to submit a complete short sale package that will allow you to “submit it and forget it’ and receive the short sale approval letter. You have 6 months of unlimited mentor support to answer all of your questions. This is the best part about using my proven system which allows you to close short sale deals as quickly as 60-90 days.

Who will help you sell the properties?
I will provide you with a simple step by step process, including multiple marketing techniques that anyone can use, to sell your properties fast in today’s market. If you need a Realtor to sell the house for you, I can provide you with one.

Who will help you with the closing?
I believe closing is an Art. That is why I have gotten the nick name “The Closer.” Having someone who can answer all of your questions makes the deals go through smoother. Having the right Title Company or Attorney on your side could either make or break your deal. Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you all the way!

For Serious Investors Only

As I also mentioned in the beginning of this letter, I wanted to allow you a chance for you to change your life, normally, this 3 Day Live Training Event or Online Training would cost $2,997.00 for two people. No one gave me a discount when I first started, I had to do it on my own. I do this for three reasons…

Number One: I have seen a lot of SEMINAR JUNKIES out there that keep looking for the right course or Mentor to help them change their life. The problem I always found from all the other courses is that there was always something missing in the course. Or …You needed a Mentor that would honestly tell you what you need to do to become successful. Did you know that only 10% of the people who purchase real estate programs become successful? Why? Because they never had the support they need to get them to the next level. I am committed to integrity, empowerment and togetherness in real estate investors. I stand for those 3 things. I plan on paying it forward with real estate by teaching and sharing my knowledge to thousands of people. I truly want to make a difference in your life. I am not a guru who you can’t feel and touch. I believe in the Power of the Team. I listen to suggestions, comments and I keep growing as a Family. Every time a student closes on a deal, I get goose bumps! It is like riding a roller coast, you do it for the thrill of the ride. I teach and share because I LOVE IT!!

Number Two: I believe that anyone can do real estate if they had the right support and instruction. I have a a proven step by step system and you have a chance to be coached by someone with the same VISION as I do! They believe in the Power of the Team. They too like to help and support individuals who want to make a change in their lives. They are genuine people just like me.

Number Three: I am looking to build my life long Team so that I can leverage of the Power of the Team. My students can partner with me on all types of deals not only short sales if in the Power Push Program, allowing them to become part of My Team and make a boatload of money. This allows me to keep growing and keep sharing so I can touch over thousands of people’s lives. Our economy has affected so many people due to Covid 19. Offering to Mentor and Partner with individuals to build a life long relationship is unheard of in this industry! Now you understand why I am so committed.

My Team and I are committed 110% to making this year your best year ever. We are looking for those individuals who have the same desire and dedication that we have to be success.

There are only 30 spots for the Power Push Mentor Program then after they are gone for entire year. I am looking to grow My Team, partner with likeminded individuals and build a life long relationship.

To be accepted for one of these open spots you must have purchased my Home Study Course, must be willing to complete a detailed application outlining your desire to join the program. You must act now to reserve your spot.

After you complete the application, I will personally review your answers and contact you and advise you whether or not you have been accepted to Join My Team.

Don’t waste your time or mine filling out the application if you are not serious about making a change and doing whatever it takes to become financially free. I will not accept your application. There is limited amount of openings in the Power Push Mentor Program and I am looking to give them to the serious individuals only.


My Team and I have created a coaching program that will allow you to come join my VISION. I understand how you feel. When I first started I kept going all around the country going to seminar after seminar searching for the help I needed. What I found out was that everyone referred me right back to a Mentor or a Coach.

I am only rolling out the Power Push Mentor Program for those of you who have purchased my Home Study Course and attended my 3 Day Live Training Event or Online Trainings. Having a Mentor who will partner you for 1 year allows all of the missing pieces of the puzzle that have stopped you in the past. I hold your hand personally from beginning to end along with all the way to the Bank to cash your check!


Remember for the first 30 days you will have a Coach that you can contact by telephone and 6 months of unlimited personal mentorship by ME through email and fax. I am determined to touch tousands of real estate investor’s lives. What I learned early on when I was going to seminars is that there are different types of personalities and that everyone learns differently. I learned that the best way to get to the top is to find the right Mentor and hold on tight because they will take you to the top. I have paid thousands of dollars to join a coaching program which has helped me go further in my real estate career. I believe everyone needs a Mentor. Being an applicant for the Power Push Program will allow everyone the luxury of having Mentor at an affordable investment.

I’m Ready To Cash In on Foreclosures Gone Wild Are You?

I have been investing in real estate since 1998 and have bought and sold hundreds to thousands of properties. Since 2006, I’ve worked exclusively in short sale business. I even packed up my entire family and moved to Orlando, Florida. I have a simple step-by-step system that I share with you from beginning to end. It is very easy to duplicate anywhere. It worked well in Michigan and now in Florida. When you are with My Team you feel like you are Home. No question is a stupid question.

I believe that in every success story there is a Mentor that inspired that person to excellence. You need a Mentor who’s been there, done that and is still doing it using the system you purchased. Accelerate your success and find out what’s really possible. I dare you to DREAM!!!

It’s not very often someone will offer you an opportunity to join their successful team which will change your life forever. You will learn from someone who has been there, knows all the mistakes of what NOT TO DO, provide you with a simple step-by-step system that you can duplicate and hold your hand all the way.

This is My VISION that I would like to share with you…
Are you Ready to join My Team!!

KIMBERLEE, I’m Ready! I Want to Sign Up Now!

After you register for the Home Study Course, you will receive the dates for the live training events and/or a link to our online trainings. Please note that the training events change and all Live Training Events are in Orlando, Florida.

I am committed to integrity, empowerment and togetherness!

Kimberlee Frank

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