Finally! A Brilliant Mentor Program That Caters to either the Inexperienced OR Seasoned Realtors and Investors Who Want To Learn “Insider Secrets” to a Lucrative Part-Time or Full-Time Career in Real Estate, including:  Short-Sales, Foreclosures/REO, Wholesale, Retail, Rehabs, Subject-to, Lease, Lease Options or Assignment of Contracts on any residential deal. 


Here it is. The Mentor you‘ve been waiting for. The information you have been searching for that’s going to change the way you view this sluggish economy.

“Imagine Having A “Spy-Cam” Inside A Hugely Successful
Real Estate Expert’s Office, Eavesdropping On Her Negotiating Calls,
Seeing Exactly How She Advertises, Generates Leads, Selects
Properties, Works With Banks, Negotiates Short Sales And Closes C
Deals With Lightening Fast Results”

Maybe you’ve been “getting ready to get going” as a Realtor or Investor in the short sale market… but you haven’t acted on it yet. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the details of “getting started” – or maybe you have a general understanding of the potential, but confused by the nitty-gritty process.

Well, guess what?  Your excuses and delays are over!

Regardless if you’re an experienced Realtor or Investor, or if you never even owned a piece of real estate, you are going to be amazed when you discover how I trained hundreds of inexperienced and seasoned Realtors and Investors how to make a killing in selling or buying short sale properties. You can do this and make large chunks of cash – even if you’re bankrupt and your credit stinks.

“…I don’t know how you found your way to this
website, but I will assure you that you are going to
count this opportunity as a Life Altering Event!”

Hi. My name is Kimberlee Frank. I am a veteran real estate expert, licensed real estate broker and one of the foremost experts in Short Sales and Foreclosures. I am a transaction engineer that will turn your trash deals into CASH Deals!! I’m going to take you ‘under my wings’, allow you to have access to my office and work with you for an entire year while giving you all the tools and supporting cast to help make you a successful real estate professional, more than you ever thought possible.

No does that mean you have to come and work in my office daily??? Heck no, however apprentices (internship) have been around for years and years. You learn faster, you make money as you working and you have a lot of fun when you can work side by side someone who has been in the trenches!!!

First of all, I want to tell you this not a get rich quick scheme, nor is there magic involved, just the on-going mentorship to depend on and learning how to capitalize on the right situations when they appear.

You’ll learn foundations and advanced processes of real estate business that will be valuable to you the rest of your life.

You’ll learn how to spot wholesale, subject to, rehabs, lease options, options and short sale opportunities (They’re everywhere and in every community – and I’ll teach you where and how to easily spot them). Giving you my inside marketing tips and trades while holding monthly mastermind meetings.
You’ll learn the precise formulas below market value for buying OR listing/selling.
You’ll learn how to close deals without making repairs (Without making guarantees or the need to pay ANY closing costs). Or … let’s buy it fix it and resell it while you learn the entire way what to fix, all my contacts of contractors and how to find private lenders!!!

Listen to KEEPING IT REAL with KC Armstrong of WRNW1 Radio
and Kimberlee Frank explain her Apprentice Program




This is Old-Fashioned Mentorship from Someone Who Genuinely Cares

About Your Success. When You’re Successful, I’m Successful!”

But, you do show up at the closing and pick up your big fat check.

Your job is to find and close deals. But, before you start, I will teach you every step of the process. Honestly, a sixth grade graduate could do what’s necessary to put these deals together with a little training. You are going to get much, much more.

There Are Literally Thousands of These Deals All Around You

The best part is, you don’t need to have previous experience, money or credit to make this work for you.

The average person will go to a 3 Day Training and when they get home, they are lost, confused and scared to make a move, for fear of doing anything wrong.



  • Mentor Program for Commercial or Residential Deals—Wholesale, Retail, Rehabs, Subject to, Lease, Lease Option, Short Sales or Assignment
  • Kimberlee Frank will provide you with unlimited amount of leads for all types of deals with all her tools available to her that are now at your figure tips
  • Access to Kimberlee Frank’s office for 1 Year— meet your sellers in the office, have all your paperwork notarized, use the MLS service, have a personal realtor making offers for you, work side by side withKimberlee for 1 year and learn all her secrets on how to get your pipeline filled to make you thousands of dollars!
  • Monthly meetings held in her office on the first Tuesday of every month—during the meetings, Kimberlee will be teaching you how to wholesale, lease option, option, subject to, how to place a property in Trust, Short Sales, Structuring Your Business and more.
  • Unlimited Personal telephone calls with Kimberlee to discuss any type of deal with Kimberlee from beginning to end
  • Call Kimberlee on her personal cell phone about your deals
  • Attend 3 on-site appointments with Kimberlee in her office as she negotiates and closes deals
  • Online Training Programs for you to Jump Start your real estate career with 3 additional “Quick Jump Start Training” classes on How to talk to Sellers/Buyers, Set up of Your Marketing Machine, Marketing and the BPO for you, a partner and 1 staff member
  • Free updates of all of Kimberlee’s products for 1 year
  • Attend 2 of Kimberlee’s Live Training Events to stay polished and update on current techniques—quarterly throughout the year
  • Unlimited Personal 3-way calls with YOUR Sellers, Buyers and Mitigator to help you close each deal
  • Receive a Personal Assessment of you and your business and a 1/2 hour consultation to determine your Personality Type
  • Receive two websites—A Buy Website and a Sell Website—just pay for hosting
  • Partner with Kimberlee Frank for Funding your Deals
  • Evaluation on properties that you are making offers on
  • Personal Mentor by telephone from start to finish on every deal during your 1 year program
  • Scheduled 30 minute weekly telephone calls with Kimberlee
  • Assistance with Kimberlee helping you mitigate your Short Sale Deals
  • FREE marketing of your houses on our Team website and access to our Team’s Pool of Buyers
  • FREE marketing of your Auctions/Open Houses to our list of Buyers
  • Split deals 50/50 with Kimberlee after all costs are reimbursed ie. cost of the money, rehab and closing costs
  • Discount on listing your deals on the MLS for $195.00 flat fee




  • Analyze your market inside, outside and upside down during a road trip with Kimberlee
  • Segment your city
  • Determine what type of investing is applicable per segment
  • Write contracts and submit offers on properties
  • Preview an actual house, determine repairs bids and offer amount
  • Market for Sellers
  • Market for Buyers
  • Focus on making wholesale offers to get quick cash in your pocket
  • Brand Yourself
  • Establish on-line marketing that works while you are sleeping
  • Create Marketing materials specific to your market
  • Refine time management and organization
  • Analyze and rework your equipment and file setups
  • Examine and improve your office procedures
  • Evaluate current deals and how to get them closed



Payment Options:       

1) Make Payments: Fill out the Apprentice Program Application and schedule
an appointment to discuss how you can join the program.




I am going to take you step by step and month by month to show you how to do real estate and close deals right in your own back yard. No more worries, no more fear; I am someone who has been in your shoes and I’m still doing my own deals every day.

If you are looking to genuinely help a Seller, the Mortgage Company, Realtor, Buyer and yourself, then you are the person that would be a candidate for this Mentor Program.

You can join the Mentor Program at any time, however, it is limited to no more than 10 people so each of you can spend the time with Kimberlee that you deserve!

Review the information above, fax your application to 321-283-3800 then contact our office at 407-888-3255 so that we can talk to you further.  This Mentor Program is one of the most powerful tools to provide easy-to-learn methods of ALL types of real estate investment training on homes while making thousands of dollars.

Many other gurus will sell you a product and leave you hanging.  That is, they don’t know your area and won’t return your call, which leaves you out in the cold.  Believe me when I say this “I am looking for a team that is interested in making a difference, not only in their families lives but also the lives of the Sellers.This Mentor Program has limited space available and I am truly looking for the serious Realtor and Investor who wants to make an increase in their financial success.

So … if you are serious, contact my office and I will send you the necessary order form or click below to sign up, and if there is still room in the program, you will get in.  Don’t delay, take action today!

Your financial success depends on your education in this “roller coaster” real estate industry and things are changing daily!  Take it from someone who is working day in and day out in this industry.Jump on board or you will be kicking yourself for not joining.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the top!

Kimberlee Frank

P.S.  Still having doubts whether a mentoring program is for you, check out the list of testimonials and see how many people have attended previous training events only then joined my program and cashed their first check and more!!!