I’ve been a successful real estate investor since 1998. By successful I mean I’ve bought and sold hundreds of homes all with “no money down.” I’m also a real estate broker, author, mentor, and teacher.

My success began in Fenton, Michigan. I specialized in purchasing, renovating, retailing and lease optioning single-family homes. In my first 6 years of business, I bought and sold 60 properties - profiting over one million ($1,000,000) dollars.

Before becoming a full time investor, I was a legal secretary for 18 years for various attorneys, real estate brokers, and builders.  I’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on hundreds of real estate deals and thousands of documents (That, I believe, qualifies me as an expert in real estate documentation).

One morning in the mid-nineties, I woke up early for no apparent reason.  The house was quiet but I knew something had changed.  Something in me.

I wasn’t satisfied working for others anymore.  Now it was my time to be the investor!  Had I known then what I was about to dive into…I’m not sure I would have followed through.

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I started attending real estate investment seminars and taking courses.  I’d rather not admit it, but I spent (groan) over $200,000 on ‘no money down’ courses and seminars.  In all, 150 courses and seminars!

I laugh now because it’s paid off big time, but back then it was frustrating beyond description.  And scary, seeing how we (others taking these courses) still didn’t know how to do it!  Sadly, most of the people I saw at the seminars never made a dollar in real estate.

Yes, it was crazy!  I was a real estate course and seminar junkie.  But each course offered another little piece of the puzzle that I slowly (and expensively) put together into one complete system – The Real Estate Junkie System.

And, as it turns out, I (phew!) created a money machine that made me a millionaire.

In 2003 the real estate market changed, foreclosures were on the rise.  I started investing in foreclosures and became a short sale specialist.

In 2006, our family moved to Orlando, Florida.  From there, things just skyrocketed.

You can read about my “success story” on page 101 of Ron Legrand’s book “How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire.”  I’ve also had the honor of being the first female to be offered a mentor position with Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth.

Due to my innovations to buy and sell homes quickly in order to make the most amount of money in the shortest time, I frequently share the stage with Jeff Kaller and Ron Legrand.

So what’s the key to mega success in real estate investment, you ask?  My answer: build a team.  That’s how, in just one year, my partners and I took control of $22 million dollars worth of property using the Apprenticeship Business System.

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Kimberlee Frank known as  "The Real Estate Junkie" is a Foreclosure Short Sale Expert who is regularly sought out by the media.  He has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBSWall Street Journal, Newsletter, USA Today as well as and numerous other publications.  She is the best selling author of "Big Ideas for Your Business" (Advantage Media 2009). She is also 1 of Americas Premier's Experts.

America's Premier Experts interview with Kimberlee Frank, The Real Estate Junkie.