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March 2, 2023
Kimberlee Frank's training has been invaluable to me. I have spent thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars to get other formal training, but you do not get the one on one help that you get with Kimberlee. It is amazing how truly knowledgeable she is in all facets of real estate. From how to find deals, get them under contract, all legal aspects of foreclosures, short sales and the like and all the way up to the day of closing.

Her work ethic is amazing, she is a fireball and does not stop. Don't ever say "I can't" because that does not register with her. As we all know, knowledge is power, and power gets you deals and closings!

My deal was very complicated. It was in foreclosure but their mortgage was so minimal we were able to just buy it from the owners and give them money to walk away with. The clincher was that there was a wife, 5 children and they lived all over the United States and Cuba and the owner was deceased with no will!!! We had to go through probate which was quite a learning experience. Yes, it was complicated but no worries because Kimberlee knew just what to do. We got through it in minimal time. I certainly could not have done it without Kimberlee. As a matter of fact, there was another company/realtor that tried to do a deal with this house before us and they could not get it done! Which was great because Kimberlee and I split almost $80,000. My profit was almost $40,000! ! ! ! And that was after all expenses and repairs, closing fees, etc, were paid out.

I am 71 years old, so for all the younger people out there, get into it now! ! Real Estate will make you more money than your 9-5 job and will give you the freedom you deserve.

Kimberlee, I look forward to a long fruitful relationship with you in real estate. I appreciate you sharing
all your knowledge with me and motivating me. I value our friendship to the moon and back and wish all your family, students and myself the best of luck always.

Gigi McCue-Oliver- Investor/Realtor

ecowboyI have been with Kimberlee’s mentorship for 7 years. I started as an investor buying houses and Flip. I accumulated about 25 houses at the beginning  and she taught me how to buy low and sell high.
Five years later the market changed and she told me to get my Realtor license and I did.
I became her top producing realtor in 2011 and #1 million dollar agent in 2012.

Last year 2013 is my favorite year of all, Kimberlee with her creative mind introduced me to her new program. Rent to Own- I would have never discovered any of this on my own. She created a profitable cash flow system  that nobody offered  Although I prefer not to give details of my rent to own properties. I can’t thank her enough for creating wealth for us with no risk.

I will not be where I’m today without her help.  Iam  on my way on becoming a millionaire.  I’m excited to  where she will take us next.

She’s always there for me to take a bullet every-time I screw up the deal.
Mentoring is on her heart, she loves helping people to succeed! , I don’t know what to do without her help.
I recommend Kimberlee as a Mentor to anybody that is looking to better their life and improve their financial status.

Thank you Kimberlee, my family and I are bless to get to know you.

Love you, Jon, Evelyn, EJ, Kittie, Mr. Spynx, Mesilla, Tiny and Missy and my entire family.

I found a great property that needed to be probated and with Kimberlee’s help was able to probate the property and help the beneficiaries. I made a little over 34k after Kimberlee did some back and forth negotiation with the buyer! Thank you Kimberlee!


I just closed my first deal that made me little over 16k. I found this deal from doing a probate search at the courthouse. I sent out letters to all the leads I found and got a response from this seller within a week. There were two owners, I built a great rapport with one of the owners so she really wanted to sell to us. The sellers finished the probate after two years and after competing with and beating several other offers we got the house! We helped to pack and moved all their personal belongings out of the house, closed on it a month earlier than expected and wholesaled it. We had several offers on the property and got a buyer the very next day. Thank you Kimberlee for sticking with me through the process and for all the work you put in to get this closed!

Kadeem Lawrence


Dear Kimberlee,

My seller called upon receiving our marketing letter.  They had a death in the family, the house was in foreclosure, vacant and NOT habitable.  It was in a lower priced area, but surprisingly the comps just for that neighborhood ranged from the $60,000’s up to $140,000’s.  The house was in severe condition and needed to be totally gutted.  The property was so overgrown, that you could only see the roof from the road.

Liens against the property totalled over $6,000 and continued to accrue daily, ouch! The City was VERY difficult to deal with and due to Kimberlee’s knowledge, the liens were reduced to 15% of what was actually owed.  The catch was that the city would not even considered reducing or stopping the fines, until after the property repairs were complete.  This means that the Buyer had to put money upfront, prior to even owning the property, in order to reduce the liens and make it a worthwhile deal.  Because the comps were so random, with a $70,000 variation just within the neighborhood, every penny counted even more-so than any typical deal.  Thankfully, Kimberlee was my Mentor/partner because she paid for this upfront or I would have lost the deal at this point because I did not have the funds….it cost approximately $2,500 for the repairs to the house and to pay off the lien.  This was done prior to closing.  We couldn’t pay the lien costs at the closing because the city only gave us a limited amount of time to pay the reduced price and we were still waiting on the short sale approval from the lender.

I met the BPO agent at the house…..or so I thought.  The Realtor responsible for the completing the BPO didn’t show up, she sent her picture-taker!!!!!  Sooooo, I pointed out as much as I could for repairs, but he wouldn’t even take all of the pictures that I was showing him.  Kimberlee’s office had to then  argue repairs because the bank’s value came back WAY TOO HIGH!!!  The Realtor who completed the BPO had done the bank a great disservice because she had never even seen the house.  We did have to counteroffer back and forth with them, but ended up getting an incredible price on the house.

Because of the discrepancy in the comps, I had to really pray about the exit strategy, sometimes rehabbing is better and in uncertain markets, sometimes wholesaling is better and let an Investor who is going to hold/rent it have the rehab responsibilities.  God really guided me to keep the house and rehab it.  I had to step out in faith and be patient, sometimes we act out of desperacy when we need money; but what a blessing it turned out to be.  The rehab was extensive and expensive, there were many “unexpecteds” that ate into our profit.  This is why Kimberlee always tells us to go to the BPO, your entire deal depends on it!  Even when you go, there’s no guarantee, you still need Kimberlee’s negotiating skills to beat up on the bank with her Value Dispute Documents and show them why the BPO isn’t even accurate according to their 3rd party source.  Kimberlee is the “eyes” for the bank and she makes sure that they see what we are seeing, we cannot count on the “picture-takers” who show up.  The rehab cost almost $40,000 and again, Kimberlee funded all of it, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford to do this deal.

On the resale side, we listed high to start, and actually got two offers higher than list price, $10,000 higher!!!!  Kimberlee did a phenomenal job of dealing with the buyer approval and the closing.  Kimberlee personally speaks directly to the buyer’s lender to prescreen the buyers before we even sign a contract.  Brilliant!  Unfortunately, most buyer agents know nothing about their buyer’s finances and they show them houses that the buyers cannot even afford.   Kimberlee knows all the right questions to ensure the buyer is truly qualified.  You certainly don’t want to tie up a property while you are paying utilities and holding costs which are digging into your profits.

In the end, my personal profit on my check at closing was $28,150.93.  This does not include Kimberlee’s profit and this is after we split all of the expenses.  WOW……God is good…..all the time!

Christine R, Orlando, FL

Larry and I are seeing the techniques learned from Kimberlee’s training in both the Mentorship program and the Apprentice program turn real estate deals into profits. Over the past 6 months we have been actively engaged in the process of turning a complicated probate transaction into a real estate purchase, light renovation and then a profitable real estate sale.
Kimberlee’s creative deal structuring kept the probate process moving forward and kept the seller in the deal while the wheels of the probate legal process chugged along.
After closing Kimberlee helped us see how the benefit of scaling the renovation to meet the trends of area by analyzing current comps and to follow those trends to a quick and profitable sell (over $23K) within 45 days after buying the property.

Larry and I are truly grateful f to partner with Kimberlee whose ideals and business and personal ethics align with ours in making all deals a win, win proposition for all parties involved. Kimberlee’s real estate business acumen has served us well and we look forward to growing our business by practicing the techniques we have learned from her Real Estate Junkie program.

P.S.: Kimberlee is negotiating a short sale for us that we are on track to close in the next few days. The potential profit margin on this deal is higher than $23K. We are looking forward to 2017 to be a year of more deals and greater profit.

Thank you Kimberlee,
Larry and Sharon Gaskin


I was renting a house in Winter Springs that the owner was tired of renting and wanted to sell. i called Kimberlee and explained that I wanted to buy the house, rehab it and sell at top dollar. She contact with the owner, negotiated the price and made an offer which they accepted.

We performed a total rehab on the property and sold it for a $24,982 profit. 2 deals completes and I’m looking forward to many more with Kimberlee. She is the most honest person I’ve ever met and she will go way out of her way to help you succeed. I’ve pocketed about $26,000 in cash in less than a year from her training and mentorship program.

She has helped me in so many ways that I could never repay her. I’m fortunate to have her as a partner and proud to call her my friend.

Kalvin Abraham

The Lane short sale added a different facet to our experience tool box. Under Kimberlee’s guidance we quickly determined the neighborhood being predominantly rentals the renovation would need to be minimal interior cosmetics, paint and carpet and some exteriorclean-up and pool manenance.

We placed Open House signs in the yard while we were completing the painting which drew in potential buyers and ultimately led to an investor buying the property to add to his rental portfolio.

We closed on this short sale mid December 2015 and turned a profit of $7,876,00 by the first week of March 2016. Compared to our first short sale deal located in a great neighborhood dictated a full renovation that sold six months after the purchase for a profit of $16,325. Both these deals were great learning experiences for us.

Thank you Kimberlee we are looking forward to our next deal with you.

Larry and Sharon Gasking



Having Kimberlee as our Mentor has really made a big difference in my real estate investing business. After two years of struggling trying to make a profit, we joined her Mentorship Program and our business took a turn. We are now making money, learning, having fun and growing.

Thank You Kimberlee for your dedication, passion, and guidance.


Freddy and Tina M







Hi Kimberlee, Thank you for the wonderful speech last night at the R.E.I.A. Great content but also a connecting spirit. You rocked it!


Kimberlee is a great mentor. She explains her material in great detail and she makes you participate with the group. She makes sure you understand and let you know that no question is stupid. Most important she has your back and wants to make sure you are becoming successful the legal right way. I recommend Kimberlee to anyone that wants to become successful.

– Diane Semick

This is my second fix and flip with Kimberly, and by no means was this time easier than the first one. They were many challenges with the property and the transaction from the moment we started working with the seller, going through the short sale process, to a major house renovation from top to bottom, having two different buyers walking away from the transaction due to financing issues. Woo hoo!
After 10 months, deal was closed, made a good profit, and gained valuable experience without the process. Thank you Kimberly for your support, persistence, and dedication to my success and to the completion of this transaction.

– Diana de la Torre

Kimberlee is honest, straight and open and is truly concerned about helping sellers in distress and helping the budding investors be successful investors. In her 3-day training I flet the connection with her and signed up for her mentorship program. I learnt a great deal about short sales and foreclosures from her. Kimberlee has such a vast knowledge base not just in short sales and foreclosures but in virtually any land of real estate deal, creative financing lease options, wholesale, etc. I feel in safe hands in partnering with Kimberly and look forward to a rewarding future helping distressed sellers come out of the desperate situation. I have no reservation ever( being remotely located in Georgia), I am confident Kimberly would be strongly behind me in my deals in the coming future I sincerely thank her for all Kimberly is to give back to the investor community.

– Ashish Chandwadkar

Kimberly’s program is excellent! She takes the time to explain every question with a “real-world” scenario after the class I felt like I have a very good understanding of the short sale process great job Kimberly! I’m excited about making many deals with you.

– Kalvin Abraham

I came into this class with no experience in real estate but an extensive background in sales. Kimberly made it fun and enjoyable to learn about the real estate market and the opportunity to earn a great income while keep helping others. I look forward to working with Kimberly and locating my first house to flip. Kimberly’s class left me motivated, energetic and ready to go. Thank you for the motivation and drive to get back on my feet and find the opportunities for success.

– Liz Garrett

I’ve been with Kimberlee a couple of years. She has helped me on many different thansactions as well as on training and experience in dealing with sellers/buyers. I fully recommend her as a mentor and partner.

Gil V.

Great infrmation! Lots of examples and stories. Very practical!

Dan W.

This was our second time taking the 3 Day Course. As expected we probably retained alot more due to working in the field for the past 15 months. It was well worth the return and looking forward to the 2 day negotiating curse. Thank you!

Larry G.

The (AHA) I got this time was that Kimberlee can find creative ways to word a deal that on the surface is one that most would walk away from.

Sharon G.

Small intimate setting. Very personable and comfortable.

Crystal W.

What I like best is that Kimbrerlee was approachable during the entire time of the training. she was willing to answer anything and made sure to take the time to understand the material.

Tania L.

The training was Great! Gave clear and concise information. Very current up to date information as well. REferenced law and legal information that was relevant. Would recommend to others.

Randall G.

I have learned so much information regarding forclosure that I was not aware. I am looking forward to learn more knowledge in my apprentice mentor in the next year. Kimberlee you are very knowledgable in real estate investment. I am looking forward to being your partner in the future. Thank you and god bless you.

Reynaldo Y.


More Testimonials

A Letter to those of you interested in reaching places you’ve only dreamed of,

Hi, my name is Vinny. Like most of you, I want to live The American Dream. You may ask yourself, “Well, what is that dream?”. That’s a question only you can answer for yourself.

My dream is to live a healthy and spiritual life while having the means to give to others on a daily basis. It is only through GIVING that one can truly RECEIVE. Why do I sound like a Sunday preacher? Here’s my story…

After serving as a Law Enforcement Officer for twenty years, I changed careers and became an Airline Pilot. That was a lifelong dream for me. One year after my career move, our Nation suffered what was to become one of the most tragic events ever to happen to us, the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Many people, pilots included, abandoned their careers. Some by choice, yet others were forced to seek other opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. I chose to stay and I’m glad I did.

Life is full of “ups and downs”. It’s a virtual roller coaster. Although I continued to follow my passion for “Flying the Friendly Skies”, I knew deep down in my heart there was more for me to do. I bet you feel that same way, too.

I’ve always been involved in several businesses and investments but none intrigued me as much as the Wacky World of Real Estate. I say “Wacky” because I’ve never dealt with a property, seller, or buyer who wasn’t connected in some way to the craziness that can often surround someone’s life.

Now, let’s Fast forward to 2012:

After having been a business owner and investor, Real Estate has proven itself to be a worthwhile investment for me and many others, too! It’s not just for the money. Trust me, there’s PLENTY of it out there. It’s what financial independence allows me to do for others. Remember what I mentioned earlier: You need to GIVE in order to RECEIVE.

When I buy a property, I’m helping many people. The homeowner needs to sell their property. Buyers are out there and they need someone (me and YOU) to help them find their next home. The bank needs to remove this property from their portfolio. (Here’s a little secret: the banks are not in the Real Estate business. They’re in the MONEY business).

Right now, my phone is ringing off the hook, text messages are flooding my cell phone, and emails are starting to pile up. So let’s get to the reason why I chose to write this letter directly to you today. None, and I mean NONE, of what I have accomplished in Real Estate today would have happened for me without my Mentor, And dear friend, Kimberlee Frank.

Kimberlee is my “Personal Orchestra Composer”. Before meeting her, I was like a musical band filled with instruments and no one knew how to play them. Each and every step of the way, Kimberlee taught me how to “fine tune” each of the tools, or “instruments”, that I already had to make the sweet sound of MONEY!

Your journey will be fun and a lot of hard work. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pull the hair out of your head sometimes. Rest assured, Kimberlee will be there every step of the way. She will laugh, cry, AND celebrate with you! Just imagine that very first check she hands you and all the great things you’ll be able to do with it!!

If you’ve taken the time to read my personal letter to you, then I will share with you what I have come to learn throughout my personal and professional life:

“Life is Simple. Not Easy, just Simple.”

To Your Limitless Success in Life,


September 5, 2013

To Kimberlee Frank,

I attended Foreclosures Gone Wild in August 2012. I was invited to the seminar through and friend, and had a huge hesitation about going. I entered the seminar with a slight chip on my shoulder because I am expecting another sales pitch at the end.
Yes, Kimberlee did do the sales pitch however it was presented differently, I did receive valuable training first and then we sat down to discuss what my goals were. I decided to pursue the mentor program- Kimberlee never missed a conference call and was there every step of the way for our deals.
I implemented everything from the course especially the marketing portion to seek sellers. I found two sellers within the first month. These two deals posed a significant amount of challenges with the case manager from the bank. We even had to wait out a BPO for one of the properties while arguing value. I learned a tremendous amount of information.

Thank you very much Kimberlee, Kristen and Bobbie.

Kenia Brown


We believe that God implements a universal law of attraction that when you pray for something or have the burning desire to achieve something, based on the principles of the Laws of Attraction, the solution will be attracted to you. Meeting Kimberlee in 2012 reinforced those principles. We have been investing in Real Estate for a little while now and didn‟t really know how to take our Real Estate Career to the next level.
Working with Kimberlee, we can say that we got more than we bargained for. Kimberlee is a very „FRANK‟ person, she calls it as she sees it. She is also a very hands on person. She literally take us by the hand step by step by step, from start to finish. In addition, she is a very down to earth person that you can feel relaxed talking to, which makes a world of a difference. Kimberlee assisted us along the way by helping us to put marketing materials together, making conference calls with sellers, negotiating contracts, speaking with the HOA‟s attorneys, physically meeting with us at properties, preparing repair estimates, finding funding for our transaction, speaking with contractors, attending the A to B closing to make sure things run smoothly, assessing the materials that we needed for our project, physically going shopping with us for materials, assisting us during the rehab process, showing us how to effectively work with contractors, marketing for a retail end buyer, offer negotiations and acceptance, speaking with prospective buyers mortgage brokers, and working with the Title Company so that we can have a very happy pay day. She held our hand through the many ups and downs and temporary roadblocks during our transaction.


Kimberlee has saved us thousands of dollars because of her vast knowledge, not only with shortsales but on Real Estate Investing in general. During our recent transaction Kimberlee had to step in and re-negotiate the shortsale. The renegotiation alone saved us at least $10,000 on this transaction. If we were not working with Kimberlee we would‟ve spent more money for the property, spent more money on certain aspects of the rehab and paid more points on our loan. We have earned our biggest check to date under her mentorship. We netted $34,952.70 and smiled all the way to the bank. Kimberlee Frank is the “Real Deal”.



Investing in South Florida,


Douglas Moodie and Aisha Moodie

I have learned so much within these last 3 days. I knew I wanted to move forward with my interesting career and God has led me to Kimberlee Frank. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, hard working, and realistic. Because she has so much experience it is worth the time and money investing.

Believe in her because she will believe in you.

Kimberly Pope
Orlando, FL

Kimberlee is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the real estate investing that I have been attempting. I’m so happy to have found her and feel like her event coupled with her mentorship will allow us to actually close and make a profit on our deals now! I connected with Kimberlee the first meeting. I look forward to learning and also getting to know Kimberlee more personally.

So excited! Thank you for everything!!

Christine Simmons Vielhauer
Palm Harbor, FL

I have enjoyed and have learned a great deal about sales and some creative approaches to property acquisition and sales.

William F. Van G.
Geneva, FL

Kimberlee Frank is definitely the “real deal”. She is knowledgeable, energetic and has an unique style of teaching. The entire time during the course, I was engaged and eager to learn more and get started making money. I can only hope to obtain the same level of knowledge Kimberlee has.

Janet Campbell
Ocee, FL

My wife and I are very happy with the information and learning aids provided by this course. A lot of training for three days but well worth the time. I would highly recommend this course for any investor.

Larry Gaskin
Pinellas Park, FL

This seminar has been one of the best I’ve ever attended. Kimberlee was very inspiring and I am very excited about the partnership/mentorship we have just joined.

Tank you,
Sharon Gaskin
Pinellas Park, FL

The short sale procedure has remained elusive to us, so this was our beginning point. As agents we have dealt with don’t have a clue how investors make money doing this. It was alot of information at one time, will take time to process and figure out if it is for me totally. You did an excellent job explaining it. Thank you.

Anthony Lord
New Port Richey, FL

Hey Kim,
Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge it really shows. Glad/grateful to be associated/partnered with you.

Barry Abraham
Longwood, FL

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 Day Training! I left the training with a complete understanding of the short sale process. I am excited and feel prepared to enter the world of short sales.

Kalvin Abraham
Winter Park, FL

The Foreclosures Gone Wild training is content rich. I learned the process of doing a short sale, negotiating with banks and buyers.
also how to save sellers from foreclosure. I would have never been able to add pre-foreclosures as a way to acquire properties to my portfolio without taking this class.

Thnak you Kimberlee!

Jenee Day
Orlando, FL

My wife and I were planning on stopping the short sale side of our business but after meeting Kimberlee, we were recharged and motivated to keep short sales as a major part of our investing. I was very pleased to see that Kimberlee believed in us and saw our determination and hard work. We are looking forward to having a lifelong partnership with Kimberlee. This was a fun and informative weekend!!

Fred Vielhauer
Cryata Beach, FL

I would like to thank Kimberlee for extending her knowledge to us. The class was inspiring and gives you the confidence that you can get the job done. She is awesome. Thank you!

Alverano Campbell
Ocee, FL

I met Kimberlee in 2011 when she hired me to do some handyman work on a house she owned. i had been wanting to get into real estate for many years and never found anyone who could or would help me.
Kimberlee is that person. I attended her short sale class and I was off and running. it took me quite some time to find my 1st deal but whne I did, Kimberlee took action. We partnered on the deal and flipped the house in 17 days for a cool $26,000 profit without making any repairs.
Great job Kimberlee! And thank you. No way I would of known what to do without your guidance.
Kalvin Abraham

And More Testimonials…

We want to share our testimonial of how much Foreclosures Gone Wild has changed our lives. we were introduced to Kimberlee through Dustin Griffin and it was the best introduction ever! Let us tell you why.

When we started we knew nothing about Short Sales, the paperwork involved or even how to talk to sellers. We studied the Home Study Course until we understood the paperwork and felt comfortable enough to put together the first one. it was all a matter of doing it exactly as she explained in her Course. Although the first one was a little scary, the second one was easier.!

As we were filling our pipeline with short sales, whenever we had questions we would call our coach to relieve our fears. it really made it easier to not repeat the same mistakes. We have been in her Short Sale Program since June 1oth, 2009 and we recently closed one of our Shorts Sales with a profit before our split of $ 14,458.00.

Her 3 day boot camp was excellent as any questions we had were addressed immediatley. She does what she says and follows through with an excellent mitigation team on our behalf.
Between her system and Dustin’s websites with DeedFlow you can’t lose when your team is covering all your bases for the difficult process of Short Sales.

We are closing on another one this week!!! and we have more in the pipeline!!!

We can’t express enough our gratitude for Kimberlee Frank, Dustin Griffin, Foreclosures Gone Wild, Kristen, Vanessa, Tamara, Susan, Guy, the coaches, and the rest of her team that makes everything flow to a successful Short Sale!

Join the Team and know you are in the right hands!!!

With Love,
Simon G. & Marc V.

My son Michael and I “cut our teeth” in helping folks in pre-foreclosure on this condo. We learned the basics of the business here and to persevere when the short sale process takes a long time – 14 months in this case from April 2009. This taught us that we need to keep marketing for folks in pre-foreclosure so that we always have folks to assist.

We also learned to explicitly trust the skills of Kimberlee and her negotiators in mitigating the short sale with the lender. The lender here put off approving a short sale for what seemed to be unsubstantial reasons. For example, the lender made extraordinary demands like demanding the unemployed seller prove he had income when he didn’t.

I also varied for a while from the wording of the yellow letter that Kimberlee teaches us to use to send to folks in pre-foreclosure. That didn’t bring the desired response results. Kimberlee knows the best way of marketing to and working with folks in pre-foreclosure – don’t vary from that!
Kimberlee’s coaches are awesome. My coach is Kristen. She advises me from her years of experience working with Kimberlee in this business; she is very patient with me as I learn. But, the other coaches told me if I need help to call; I’ve done so and they are always willing to answer my questions. They want us to be successful in this business. The TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) concept is very

I looked for two years for a business:
1. in residential real estate
2. where I could help folks in debt
3. that offered personal mentoring

I tried several types of businesses but didn’t find one that met all three goals until God graciously brought Kimberlee and her associates into my

life. I could not have asked Him for a more professional and caring TEAM than Kimberlee and the folks associated with her.

Linda T.
Michael T.


Kimberlee Frank takes her Power Push Mentor Students out for a fabulous dinner
at Seasons 52 Restaurant to kick off soaring to the next level in real estate.

Dear Kimberlee,
It has been a great pleasure working with you. I also wanted to say thank you and give credit to Dustin Griffin who helped me find my way back into the foreclosure business. Six years ago, I attended Jeff Kellar’s seminar on how to short sale foreclosure properties. After a year of working with foreclosures, I found them to time consuming. Working with the loss mitigator could be difficult and frustrating. I only had only one successful deal out of the 7 pre-foreclosure deals I was working with. I decided to give up on foreclosures even though the number of foreclosure properties were increasing dramatically.

I realized that talking to the Loss Mitigator could be like talking to a foreign person. In order to have a successful business, you have to have a good understanding and positive experience working with Loss Mitigator.

Kimberlee, working with you and letting you talk to the loss mitigator has totally changed my attitude about foreclosures.

Foreclosures are once again exciting for me to work with. In my most recent deal, you negotiated with the Loss Mitigator and helped me close my deal. You did a fantastic job and made closing the deal so much easier and less stressful for me.

In conclusion, I realized that handling foreclosures alone can be difficult. Working with you Kimberlee and your “Power to the Team” group made my business more successful. I am looking forward to doing more deals with you. I am starting to enjoy my job, especially where I can help people move on to a better life. Once again, I want to thank you for getting my business up and going once again!!!

Warm regards.
Jerry K – Marietta, GA

Kimberlee Frank:
The past two day workshop held at your office this past March 24 and 25 have been one of the most intense information packed knowledge filled content only laser focus workshops I have ever attended.
I have attended tons of workshops through out the years and this has been one of the most valuable no nonsense straight shooting informative direct to the point workshop. How you are able to accumulate so much knowledge is amazing and what is most amazing is how you were able to retrieve it at a moment’s notice; I will recommend this two day workshop to any Realtor title company employee, real estate investor and their assistants to attend if they are dealing in Short Sales. It is a Must Attend Workshop if you are going to survive and prevail in this Short Sale Market.
Expect Success,
M. Vicki Ponce

WOW is the word that describes this moment, as I look at the check for my first deal after joining up with Kimberlee’s Power Team.It wasn’t too long ago and I was reading testimonials written about Kimberlee and the ‘team’, myself. These letters seemed only to enforce what my gut was telling me about Kimberlee-she is the “real deal”-she is sincere-she cares about people-she’s ethical-and she knows how and does get the deals done. I always loved Rick’s description..”a pitbull with lipstick”!

Well, I have discovered that this only scratches the surface. Yes, she is all I’ve said and that I’ve read (and MORE)-but I have also discovered a team of people that portray a real sense of the word team-not your competition.Real estate transactions are never the same because they involve different people and different circumstances. On the positive side-it’s never boring, but problems will arise and believe me when I say-at your fingertips are the solutions with Kimberlee’s creativity, persistence, and dedication.

I have been to my share of seminars (definitely more than I would like to admit). I have been on the real estate ‘gurus’ email hot sheets. Yes, I want to make money, but I also want to feel good about what I am doing to make that money. I feel confident that all transactions with Kimberlee will be pursued as a win-win-win scenario. If this sounds like you or even if it doesn’t…don’t let Kimberlee pass you by. I sure am glad I didn’t!

My only regret is that I didn’t join up sooner. I am looking forward to many more deals and a bright future on the road ahead with the best Mentor, Kimberlee and the Power Team as a new extended family.

STOP the Search…You have found a true pot of gold and a rainbow with Kimberlee!

Cheryl D. Orlando, Florida

With Kimberlee Frank’s help, along with the Foreclosures Gone Wild team, I have been able to focus my attention on one niche within the huge arena of real estate investing. Over the last 3+ years, when I first became interested in investing, I have spent a lot of money building my knowledge and loosing much more on poor decisions under other instructors’ guidance. I have attended numerous guru bootcamps, left very motivated, and even attempted some of the techniques I had learned without completing the process. I have networked endlessly with the local REI groups, but still felt unprepared to attempt a deal to completion. I have paid several times for “mentors” that were either not available when I needed a question answered, or put on a calendar where I had 15 minutes to review my deals and make plans for the following week while I was on someone else’s paycheck. Mostly, I was on my own working the entire process. Kimberlee has been the first to actually get me through finding motivated sellers, marketing for buyers, and finally completing a sale for a profit!

When problems occur unexpectedly, Kimberlee steps in immediately and brings her skills and years of experience with her. She is very serious about viewing her students as “family” and takes care of them when issues occur. She doesn’t disappear into “guru-land” leaving the student wondering what to do or on her own trying to correct a mistake.

Receiving that first check was almost anticlimactic after the support Kimberlee and the team gave me. No other “guru” has provided me the support as well as the education that I received with Kimberlee.She has been unfailingly honest and has returned my belief that “gurus” can be sincerely interested in her students!

Go Team! Go Foreclosures Gone Wild!
Susan W. – Orlando, Florida

Kimberlee turns your TRASH DEALS into CASH!!! She has saved several of our closings from blowing up and turned them into cash. We urge you to follow the program exactly as she says. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, listen to Kimberlee. You will be glad you did,we are happy to be part of her team and vision. $ 20,189 Profit on One Deal in 72 days!

Brad S – Bobbie B – Florida

We have been through lots of training. What makes Kimberlee’s system different is she really cares if you are successful. She holds your hand all the way from talking with the Seller to Closing with the Buyer while making sure that you cash a check. You are able to come into her office and work closely with her or her coaches. Since being partners with Kimberlee, we have closed on deals and have cashed over $ 400,000 worth of profits.Our Goal is $ 250,000 for 2009 and this is just one check towards that goal!!. $ 16,822 Profit while still working for Jet Blue and my wife quit her job!
Rick B – Florida

Kimberlee is the most energetic and interactive speaker that I have studied with. She knows short sales inside and out. Kimberlee is dedicated to helping, teaching and pushing her students towards success. Thank you.

 Robin Clow

My field is IT, however, Kimberlee and this course has changed my life forever. I will now be known as an IT Professional as well as a Real estate agent. Kimberlee you were truly great and I thank you for all your help. I look forward to working with you. God Bless!

Brianna Fair

I have learned new and innovative techniques fro Kimberlee with each new deal. She has shown me how to invest with compassion! Her business and her faith go hand in hand. Remember take care of others so that you may be cared for. Yeah!

Vinny Caldara

Kimberlee has such a wealth of information to share with her students. Not only is she very knowledgeable but very caring and truly wants the best for her students. She has a heart of giving and sharing. She is willing to go the extra mile to get the deal done. Kimberlee doesn’t hold anything back she gives over 100%. She cares for the student like no other person I have ever met. May the lord bless you! Thank you for being there for me and pulling me out of my funk, at times. You rock!

Jamie Wise

All of this class had detailed information from A-Z. The process of doing short sales is really not available like this course offers. Trust me I’ve seen costly training seminars and they were a waist of time. She has a true standard and is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful learning experience.

Donna Fair

This course is a very thorough. I have attended other 3 day events that were broader in slops and therefore much less specific examples that illustrated the topics and her experience was obviously deep. The size is small enough that the questions are answered (in other events that questions were so big questioned were not even welcomed!) I look forward to working with Kimberlee in the future.

Bruce Hart

Well presented excellent interaction, fantastic information.

Lawrence E. Shaf

This is a great course for the new comer as well as the experienced investor. Kimberlee is passionate about what she does and we could all feel her. Many people will benefit from her knowledge. Very helpful.

Al Morris

It was a life changing class. The information I gained from this class is priceless. I would recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to become a successful investor. I am now confident and ready to stop procrastinating now I’ll be investing in my future through real estate investments. Thank you Kimberlee Frank you are an angle sent from God….. I loved it!

Benitra Fair

Great class you covered topics that are relevant today.

Don Obeomeyer

I am a skeptic of Real Estate Selling Programs. Having worked in Title Insurance for almost 20years Kimberleee is on the mark with her Documents there is no gray area. I like that.

Melissa Roberge

The short sale training was very accurate with good up to date information. Kimberlee is a Pro!

Chris Gordan

This is my third career. After serving the community as a Law enforcement officer and flying the friendly skies as an airline Captain, Kimberlee has shown me that I can Jump start yet another career. She has taken out the “unknown” and has replaced it with the knowledge that I’ll need to become one of her “Rock stars in Real Estate”!

Vinny Caldara

I had a wonderful weekend I can tell you that I enjoyed each day and learned a lot.
I’m so happy to start my next step with you in this business.

Luz Silva

Kimberlee is a straight forward and knowledgeable professional on what she does. I look forward to learning and working with her.

Carlos Montana

This was the first super detailed, hands on course that I have attended. Kimberlee did not leave any holes in her presentation I will fallow this book and the study course to the letter until I enter into the mentoring program for additional guidance.

Robin A. Clow

I thoroughly enjoyed getting together with Kimberlee and other investors from south Florida, and sharing thoughts and experiences. Look forward to coming back.

Gil Villanueva

Kimberlee did a great job teaching all aspects of short sales. She is probably one of the best and most experienced people teaching short sales. I thoroughly enjoyed and expect to benefit from her class. She also cares deeply about the success of her students.

Robert Cirulnick

Even after 20 years of investing, I still learned so much from you, Kimbrlee Frank.

Marlena das Chagas

This was the most fun but detailed seminar I have ever been to. Highly recommend this for all short sales investors.
Dick Patrick

I totally enjoyed the conference. Lots of information presented. Kimberlee is very knowledgeable honest and down to earth and a peoples people. She takes our interest to heart.

Rosemary Richardson

Many things Kimberlee shared was actually confirmations of what God has revealed about me. (past experiences etc.) In the past several weeks. At the end of the meeting on Sunday, with the last shout, I felt God’s anointing hit me- Nothing but good comes to me during these moments. I remained on that spiritual high for several hours-its better than drugs!

Katherine Sherfield

Kimberlee is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. She truly wants to see her students successful and holds nothing back in her training. UI would recommend Kimberlee’s training to anyone serious about succeeding in real estate investing.

Ray Kelly

Good useful information that can save your butt! Increase the jingle in your pocket.

Vicky Ponce

Kimberlee, it has been over three years since I first met you and decided to take your short sale course. I have found it to be one of my wisest decisions. The knowledge and techniques you have taught me have helped me and my family weather the financial storm most of us are going through during these times. I really like the details you include because I negotiate most of my deals. However, I know I can always count on you to help me if I need it. I just wanted to say…Thank you for all your help.

Ron Lawson

During five days I had a great experience with Kimberlee Frank taking hr class of “Foreclosure Gone Wild” I have more than seven years of experience in Rea Estate, but during the short sales only the last four. This class gave me a lot of new knowledge of how to work more efficiently the negotiation of each short sale, and don’t lose one more because of the sale date. I fight for each case. I try my best to negotiate the best agreement for my client but sometimes I don’t know how to handle some situations. In her class I learned a lot new ways of closing all deals. For instance, how to get better control of the negotiation, how to turn the negotiator to my side, how to understand the internal negotiation and how to protect my client and educate the seller to help me to do an easier way for everybody from the beginning. Also, this class helped me to see in the other way my profession of Realtor and be an investor, I feel comfortable to know that I will get help from somebody that cares for people, with knowledge of what we are doing, and hope I can response to her as she is doing a great job helping others to be success. Thank you Kimberlee, I hope you take care of yourself too for a long life….

Luz Silva

I love Kimberlee. She really cares. She is a tough, smart cookie who accepts her challenges head on.

We were treated VERY well. The event was great — a 10.

I must tell you how much I really appreciate you. The fact that you are going out of your way to accommodate me because I am working full time really means a lot to me. Because you are doing this for me, I will do my best for you also. I promise to give everything I got. I promise to trust you. I promise we will make a lot of money together. I’m ready for the street fight. No hold barred.

Vivian Rona-Braadland